FAQs (applications):

The New Jersey Comfort Partners program is free for income-eligible customers because it is funded by New Jersey’s Board of Public Utilities (BPU) who oversee the New Jersey Clean Energy Program. This is done through a partnership between BPU and New Jersey gas and electric pubilic utilities.

The program is an income-based eligibility program. In order to provide our services and weatherize your home, we need to make sure you qualify!

The program requires that the utility usage be over a specific threshold. If the customer has had the program previously and the usage is under the threshold, the program will not let us move forward with enrollment.

We request and need your account number directly to your utility so that we can request your gas/electricity usage to verify your eligibility! Account numbers are NOT shared outside of the program.

FAQs (services):

After applying, GreenLife will send an energy auditor to your house to perform a basic assessment.. This involves:

  • Combustion Appliance Testing (Gas Appliances Only)
    • Diagnostic equipment is used to test the condition of your heating system, water heater, oven, etc.
    • The testing results point to upgrade opportunities
  • Visual inspection of the house
    • Air sealing opportunities
    • Insulation opportunities
    • Possible health and safety issues, such as moisture and/or asbestos
  • Blower door test
    • Measures and locates air leakage in your house.

If eligible, participants of the Comfort Partners program can receive:

  • Free of charge energy efficiency measures and energy education services
  • Installation of those cost-effective measures in your home which can include:
    • Replacement of inefficient refrigerators
    • Heating/cooling equipment maintenance
    • Efficient lighting products
    • Hot water conservation measures (water heater insulation, water heater pipe insulation and energy-saving showerheads and aerators)
    • Thermostats
    • Insulation upgrades (attic, wall, etc.)
    • Air sealing
    • Duct sealing and repair
    • & other energy saving measures

FAQs (general):

Insulating your home is vital in maintaining low energy costs, high comfort levels, and overall safety in your household. With heat generally moving towards unheated regions in your household, it is important that your house is properly insulated so that your energy used by your heating and cooling system isn’t wasted. During the winter seasons, proper insulation ensures that there is no holes or cracks in your house that lets your generated heat escape. During the summer, a properly insulated house makes sure the heat doesn’t pull into your house and overwhelm the cooling inside.

You will save money by utilizing ENERGY STAR qualified lighting when replacing older light bulbs or installing newer fixtures. LED’s have a lifespan and efficiency rate that is several times better than past incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps. For usage, LED’s are able to pull full brightness in a fast rate of time without warming up compared to the other lamps as well.

Ventilation is important to every household. The reason why ventilation systems are essential is because they help reduce buildup of mold, mildew, and condensation problems in your house and enable a healthy, safe, and comfortable living space. A steady, healthy amount of fresh air is vital to a living space.