GreenLife Restoration Services Team Can Do:

Super Storm Sandy Damage Bulletin

  • GreenLife’s team of insurance estimating specialists will measure, photograph, test, analyze, and estimate the full extent of property damage caused by Super Storm Sandy. This accurate and detailed information ensures owners are positioned to receive a complete recovery of their loss.
  • GreenLife provides immediate “mitigation” of flood damages and other storm-related damage. Damage mitigation is required by virtually every insurance policy and is a critical step in meeting owner responsibilities to proactively manage the loss.
  • GreenLife’s Storm Specialists have in-depth experience analyzing flood damage and developing the necessary documentation to prove your loss. A complete and supportable damage assessment is essential for full insurance compensation.
  • GreenLife can commence immediate mitigation and dry-out work while a client’s insurance claim is being settled. GreenLife will work with your adjuster and invoice the insurance company directly.
  • GreenLife has the experience to anticipate claim issues and insurance company responses. This is how GreenLife protects client interests and ensures the insurance company compensates them fully. Less experienced companies are simply not able to provide these benefits.
  • Greenlife Energy Solutions offers building restoration and storm damage repairs caused by Hurricane Sandy. We are spray foam specialists in New Jersey as well as complete building renovation.


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