Payback is a relatively simple concept. If caulking costs $ 100 and allows you to save $ 100 / year in fuel costs, has a recovery period of one year. If insulation work costing $ 1,000 and save $ 200 / year in fuel costs, it has a recovery period of five years. Think about the cost of the improvement that the money deposited in a savings account that you can remove (maybe) if you sell the house. Caulking have a return of 100 percent in a year, 20 percent of isolation in a year. The return is probably more important than some of his personal investments:

Complications Payback

The theory may be simple, but its implementation is complicated, for these reasons:

The cost of the improvement does not really know until you do it. Your local cost could be higher or lower, it is enough to seriously affect the recovery period. Making improvements as wall insulation can be much less for their neighbor, who placed in the new surface anyway, to you, because you have to paint over the holes in his coat coup in isolation and not your neighbor will .

The weather is a factor. The savings for the same improvement can vary widely from region to region and from city to city (or even the desert mountains are within two miles of each other) that save more energy improvements in very hot or very cold.

The quality of the installation is a factor. Bise installed evil can be useless. Wall insulation blown to the wrong pressure can be installed. Isolated door is not properly adjusted can let hot air is saved by its insulating qualities. says that some “energy savings” not long enough to pay the cost of installation. The counter-doors, for example, often collapse in a year or two, creating cracks that denies its air goal. Many do last seven to ten years. For these reasons, they are generally a bad purchase.

Some “energy saving” simply do not save them all. The most notorious example is double glazed enamel that replace their older storm windows with good tension in them. In this case, the replacement may have a negative return on investment that actually has less heat than older windows.

Some improvements partially cancel each other. Doing the furnace replacement in Vaughan ON, for example, effectively reduces the payback period of isolation work. If improves oven and protects the less expensive heat escapes through the walls.

Energy Costs vary depending on the fuel and time. Insulation saves more in a house heated in an electrically heated by gas, by reducing its purchase of a more expensive fuel. and if oil prices fall, as they did once dramatically, all home improvement hot oil start paying less.

There are other variables to consider; these include their own habits (open the windows in winter in search of fresh air, taking long, hot showers, and so on), sun exposure, and even the temperature of your water supply. More energy-saving ideas

Energy audits: Many utilities and government energy offices provide brochures, work shop and telephone counseling on the various recovery improvements. But beware: their advice is based on the average case to nullify or all of the variables that we talked about. Therefore, these agencies advise an audit, an individual survey of energy for individualized qualified to recommend measures and better predict their recovery time inspector.