Air Sealing

Air sealing is one of the most cost-effective home energy improvements a homeowner can make. While many people invest thousands of dollars in insulation and new windows, the truth is that the rated R-value of insulation is greatly reduced without proper air sealing measures.  New windows are a far more expensive, and in most cases, far less effective, measure than simple air sealing measures in areas of high air infiltration, such as the basement and attic.

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Why is Air Sealing Important?

Reducing the amount of air leakage is cost-effective in improving your heating and cooling system efficiency, improve overall durability, and increase the overall comfort of your home. Sealing all the holes and seams between areas in your home help lower air leakage and reduce overall humidity in your home.

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What are some methods we use to address air leakage?

  • Window caulking

     is a method we use to seal air leaks through cracks or gaps in stationary areas of your house.

  • Weatherstripping

    is a method we use on moving areas in your household, like doors. We choose the proper type of weatherstripping to withstand the weather and other conditions of its location.

  • Foam air sealing

    combined with cellulose insulation allows us to align your thermal and pressure boundaries and makes for a more efficient way to save energy. It’s an approach that was unheard of before building science methods were incorporated in new constructions and retrofit projects.