What is Deep Energy Retrofits ?

Deep Energy Retrofits are designed to help reduce your energy consumption, save our energy resources and lower your utility bills. By doing a deep energy retrofit to your home, you can expect a return on your investment usually within 5 years. Below is a list of areas and items within your home that should be taken into consideration when doing a deep energy retrofit.

Building envelope

  • Insulate the slab and foundation walls with spray foam insulation and a vapor barrier.
  • Provide air sealing and moisture management by adding the moisture barrier and seal all doors, windows and gaps in the structure.
  • Super-insulate existing walls, floors and ceiling or roof with Sprayfoam insulation.
  • Install a durable, energy star rated shingle product that not only reflects the sunlight but decreases heat from being transferred to you rooms.
  • Replace doors and windows with energy-efficient models, and specify glazing based on the house’s exposure to the sun.


  • Provide appropriate controls such as remote access thermostats and zone control thermostats.
  • Specify high-efficiency mechanical equipment and heat pumps, where possible, the higher the SEER rating, the less energy is used to operate.
  • Make sure that combustion ( gas )appliances have the proper vents.

Greenlife Energy Solutions Master HVACR License# 19HC00687000.


  • Reconfigure plumbing to distribute hot water more efficiently.
  • Insulate hot water pipes with foam sheathing.
  • Choose a high-efficiency water heater and add an insulating blanket.

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