Common Solar Concerns, And 
Their Solutions 

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PPA Questions & Answers 

GreenLife! We have great relationships with our contractors and local utilities. We work with them to install the solar system, handle utility interconnections, and handle all utility interface applications and negotiations

No! With a GreenLife PPA, we take care of all the up-front costs for equipment, installation, and permitting and handle all the maintenance for the solar system throughout the life of the equipment. 

As the owner of the solar system, Greenlife takes care of energy monitoring and data availability for all third parties. Monitoring and accurately tracking the energy produced by the system on your building is very important to GreenLife so we take great care to make sure the data is captured and tracked reliability 24/7. 

During periods where the electricity produced by the solar system is greater than the energy consumed by your building, the energy is delivered back into the local utility grid, which generates a credit for your building (where net metering is available). This way, you only pay for the electricity you use through your GreenLife solar system. 

GreenLife outsources all of the installation work for the solar system installed on your building. As such, we maintain a very good working relationship with these contractors throughout the project and beyond. 

GreenLife will take care of all of the paperwork and legal requirements for processing RECs (where available) and manages and monetizes them where appropriate. We then pass the savings we receive through the RECs to you by providing a solar system at no charge and electricity discounts to you for the length of our PPA term. 

GreenLife is in business for the long term, but in the highly unlikely event that we go out of business, you’re covered! All of your Greenlife solar equipment comes with solid warranties, so you’re protected against any maintenance concerns. And if GreenLife closes its doors, we will sell your solar contract to a new company. This means that your solar system will remain on your building with the terms of the original contract.

GreenLife is different because we truly care about our customers and their quality of life. GreenLife Energy Solutions has over a decade of experience increasing the energy efficiency in both residential and commercial platforms. Our goal is not to be another “me too” solar company focusing on installing as many panels as possible. In our experience, we have found, that way of doing business is not always the best option for the customer. Our premise is built on supplying our customers with a “one-stop shop” for energy efficiency. It is our job to make your home or business, as efficient as possible. Only afterward will we supply you with a solar system to bring your cost of electricity down even further. This is how we can guarantee that our customers see and feel a monthly difference in their out of pocket cost to energize their home or business.

The only cost associated with our program for the customer is time. GreenLife Energy Solutions will design, contract, and install your system, along with taking care of permitting, and other applications required by the local utility or township. For the service we are offering, we simply ask that you now purchase your electricity from us, instead of your current provider. This is called a PPA, or Power Purchase Agreement. We will supply you with a significant reduction in your monthly bill, and because your home or business is now more efficient, you save twice as much

GreenLife Energy Solutions assumes all responsibility for the maintenance of the solar system. Each customer receives a 20-year performance guarantee for the solar production, a 20-year service agreement, along with a 20-year limited warranty, and additional 5-year roof penetration warranty. GreenLife Energy Solutions stands behind every installation and will always put the customer first.

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