Energy Audits – A Great Start to Saving Energy

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July 30, 2021

Comfort is always a priority when thinking about your home and living space. Home weatherization gives households the opportunity to maximize their energy efficiency, increase the comfort of their home, and save money on their utility bills. Measures such as air sealing, insulation, and replacement of older appliances can make a difference in the environment of your home. However, before any of these measures can be implemented in your home, the process all starts with a home energy audit.

Energy Audit

An energy audit is an evaluation of a home to find measures and ways the household can save energy and money.  As said above, these can include:


To find out if these measures are necessary, an energy auditor will have to go through the home planned for weatherization for the conditions of health and safety, air infiltration rates, and efficiency of appliances. There are two tests that energy auditors may run in your home to find important information during the energy audit. These are the carbon monoxide (CO) analyzer and the blower door test. 

Types of Tests

The carbon monoxide (CO) analyzer measures the level of carbon monoxide on your combustion appliances. Carbon monoxide is a gas, when in poorly ventilated areas, can be very dangerous. It is important that all combustion appliances are checked to ensure they meet BPI safety standards

The blower door test consists of a fan mounted onto an external door in the home. The fan is able to pull out the air from the home so when higher air pressure comes from the outside, it will seep through the cracks and openings in the home. The auditor will be able to note and determine the air infiltration rates during this test.

After those and other evaluations are done, the energy auditor will sit down with the homeowner and go through the measures that can be implemented to the home to save energy and money. Within the NJ Comfort Partners Program, those measures can be fulfilled through the authorized contractors of the program. Over a long period of time, these measures will help homes save money and energy on their monthly utility bills, while also maximizing the comfort levels of the homeowner’s home.

GreenLife Energy Solutions and NJ Comfort Partners

For any income-qualified households in New Jersey, you may be eligible for a free home weatherization program! This home weatherization programs assists homes to start saving energy and money by applying cost-effective measures in your home. For any more information, visit our Comfort Partners page or call us at 609-407-6900

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