How Solar Works

A Greenlife PPA Combines the 
Best of All Worlds 

We’ve tried to take away every obstacle to your business going solar. The result is our PPA package with these outstanding benefits of a Greenlife PPA: 

No Cost Solar: 

We incur all of the expenses installing solar on your roof, under-utilized land or carport at no cost to you. We take care of all the paperwork, pay for the equipment and the installation, and maintain the system for the entire length of our agreement. It’s simple!

Ongoing Electricity Savings: 

With a Greenlife PPA, you buy all of the electricity produced by the solar system installed on your building at a discount. That gives you 30% to 60% off your utility’s electricity rates, with savings growing year over year for the full term of our agreement. 

No Risk: 

We own the solar system and therefore take full responsibility for financing and maintaining it, ensuring the system produces at optimal performance throughout the life of our contract and beyond.  That means no risk to you – none at all! It’s a deal that seems too good to be true, but it’s very real!   

Intangible Business Benefits

But the reasons for choosing a Greenlife PPA go well beyond these amazing advantages. With a Greenlife solar system, you’ll also reap the following advantages: 

Cut Your Carbon Footprint By Tons: 

The solar system on your roof will provide big environmental savings, most notably a reduction in your building’s production of greenhouse gas emissions. 

Increase Resale Value: 

With a solar system on your building, you’ll improve your reputation in the community and can use the renewable energy for a green marketing campaign. In return, your building value will increase along with tenancy rates and rental rates. 

Green Your Business Reputation: 

By supporting the solar market, you’ll be helping to stimulate the local economy and provide jobs for people in your area. That’s just one more way to market your building’s efforts to be a good corporate citizen. 



How Solar Works

  1. Solar Array: Powering your business with the sun starts here. The solar array is comprised of a series of solar panels. The bigger the array, the more electricity it is capable of producing. When sunlight hits the solar array, DC electricity is generated.
  2. Inverter: The DC electricity from your array travels to the inverter, where it is converted from DC to AC electricity. AC electricity is the type of power you receive normally from the utility power grid.
  3. Electric Service Panel: AC electricity from your inverter is then passed to the electric service panel where it is routed to power your facility’s various electric loads.
  4. Utility Power Grid: When your solar electric system generates more power than your business is consuming, excess electricity is routed away to the power grid. This process is referred to as net-metering. It also works the opposite way; if your building needs more electricity than the solar system can provide, it will pull that usage from the utility grid the old fashioned way.






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